Colours 2011

Aside from the dress of course one of the most significant choices any bride-to-be has to make is her colour theme. Traditionally this starts with the colour of the bridesmaids dresses (this is by far the easiest and simplest way to begin) and flows through to flowers, cake, groomsmen, venue decor, invitations… the list can be endless. It seems that traditional claret and ivory may well be taking a back seat for 2011 as recent Deborah Jane brides to be show. This week I’ll be bringing you my top colour trends for 2011 season!

1.Purple and Plums:

Cadbury Purple, vivid violet shades or muted lilacs and orchids it appears purple in every form is fast becoming a favourite on the bridal aisles. Often thought of as rich and royal the deeper shades bring depth to wedding photos and warmth to english skintones. Softer shades can often lift a ivory wedding gown and bring a girly yet sophisticated edge to a bridesmaids lineup. With muted shades I always recommend a sheen by choosing satin or taffeta as a matt fabric like chiffon or georgette can kill the clarity of the colour creating a dull grey cast to the overall look. Check back tomorrow for more colours!