Not for the faint hearted but uniquely stunning and certain to be memorable for your wedding guests, for all the right reasons. As long as you choose a tone that all of your bridesmaids can carry off you’ll be amazed how successful this can be and mcke sure they hold back on the fake tan, sunkissed is the ticket with Orange.

Forget peach unless you want your wedding to look like an 80s throw-back. Think coral, burnt orange, cognac and blood orange rather than tango. For Autumn weddings re-create autumn leaves with burgundy. golden tones and orange shades. High Summer wedding? team with hot pink for pure contemporary styling.

Easily co-ordinated into formal menswear through an orange tie or waitcoat and for perfect warmth to the overall wedding photograph, team with a deep chocolate brown suits. Brown is actually much more forgiving than harsh black against pale skintones so get your man to try it!