True Blue

By far the most considered colour for 2011. Get blue right and it is both serene and classy but get it wrong and it can be cold and uninviting on your photographs. The secret to blue is destination. Where are you getting married?

In the UK? Consider if you get a cloudy day (after all the weather is the one thing you cannot control) go for Indigo, Navy, Midnight Blue, Marine, anything with depth and warmth that won’t disappear into a grey sky. Keep the overall look rich with impact by using jewels colours, sapphire blues give real punch when combined with other strong colours or truely sophistcated if teamed with classic ivory(see pics).Got a taste for diamonds, how about Tiffany Blue with  plenty of sparkle for a real ‘New York’ feel just like singer Toni Braxton themed her wedding. Beatiful teamed with chocolate to give an edge of luxurious warmth. Navy blue and ivory is a great alternative to a black and white wedding, more sympathetic against pale skintones yet still achieves that classic, timeless look.

Heading off to a scorching sandy beach then the  sky really is the limit. Consider the backdrop taking inspiration from the colours that will surround you on that special day,  from deep turquoise sea, calming Sky blue, or Royal (perfect for any Greek Island wedding!)